Saddle-Up for Jesus
Exclusive Statue

each statue is 9" x 7" x 11"and
weighs approx 5 pounds with a solid wood base

by Artist
Steve Carter

This amazing statue of a saddle on a wood
fence shows exquisite detail and craftsmanship. Each one is hand poured,
colored, patina'd, polished, and mounted
with the utmost care.

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Each statue is made of a special resin material that is strong and also light-weight. This makes a wonderful addition to your office, mantel, or a great gift for that someone special in your life that knows the Joy in Christ of being a Cowboy or Cowgirl. Click on the pictures for larger images.

Price: $150.00
(call for shipping information)

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Saddle-Up For Jesus, LLC
Colorado Springs, CO

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